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Harshil Sanghvi is currently pursuing his Master of Science in Computer Science at Stony Brook University. He completed his Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and Engineering from Nirma University, India. With a keen interest in software development, machine learning, and data science, Harshil is passionate about exploring the cross-domain applications of his knowledge. He finds inspiration in leveraging technology to address complex challenges. In his leisure time, Harshil enjoys binge-watching web series and movies, finding inspiration and creativity in storytelling across various genres. Currently, Harshil is contributing to the Shrestha Lab, focusing on creating solutions for data analysis of experiments conducted by the Department of Neurobiology and Behavior. Under the guidance of Professor Shrestha, he is driven to innovate and develop tools that advance research in the field.

Google Scholar Link: ‪Harshil Sanghvi - ‪Google Scholar

GitHub Link: harshil-sanghvi (Harshil Sanghvi) (

Harshil Sanghvi

Harshil Sanghvi
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