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Dr. Shrestha is named a Sloan research fellow by Alfred P Sloan Foundation.

Dr. Shrestha serves as ad hoc reviewer for the Drug Discovery for the Nervous System (DDNS) study section

Aayush Shah joined the lab as a master's student in computer science

Alex Fraser joined as the Lab manager and research support specialist

Andrew Gallagher joins Shrestha Lab as the Lab Manager and Research Support Specialist.

Courtney Ma joined the lab as an undergraduate research assistant

Dr. Sayali Ranade joined as a postdoctoral associate

Dr. Shrestha presented a poster on Stress induced emotional dysregulation in a mouse model of Tuberous Sclerosis at SfN 2021.

Dr. Shrestha was a panelist in the Leon Levy Symposium organized by NYU

Dr. Shrestha was a panelist in the career panel for professional development of advanced graduate students and postdocs, organized by Nepali Academics in America (NACA). Dr. Shrestha also gave a talk at the Biomedical Sciences and Tech Seminar organized by NACA.

Dr. Shrestha was a speaker and panelist at Women in Data Science Kathmandu (WiDS), a worldwide initiative started at Stanford University to engage all genders in data science.

Keith Yeung joined as an undergrad research assistant

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